Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

To one place then another place then preparing to go back to one place & then to another place &...

Functional update, not much flair to it...

(...or will there be? Stay tuned! Gotta create suspense somehow...)

Almost worked another long day at the current job today (after I'd done longer days Monday and Tuesday, a slightly shorter day Wednesday, and a regular-length day Thursday), but I was fading enough that I decided late that staying the extra two hours wasn't a good idea today. Headed out in weather that's doing a good spring impression, and I luxuriated in it.

Stopped along the way home at a McDonald's to have a Shamrock Shake. I asked for it without whipped cream. The staffer, a guy who looked like a manager, made it that way and double-checked if I wanted a cherry. I said no. I added "I'm having it old-school!"

Also visited the guys at Big-Ass Sandwiches. Just guys this time, Keegan (who I know) and Quentin (who I met for the first time); Lisa had gone home early, and Brian's still doing day duty remodeling a restaurant he's helping with so he hasn't been at the cart. Got to hang out with the guys as they closed for the day. Before that, I accidentally kept them open longer so that other people thought they could still get sandwiches, but Keegan and Quentin were able to accommodate two of them, and they didn't mind it. So, at least a couple more sales...

Once home, I arranged to be at work tomorrow, for a regular-length shift, which there is 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It'll be my first time working there on a weekend, and will mean six days' worth of pay on the next paycheck. Will rest soon to be ready for it, though I will watch more Torchwood Season 2* tonight as well...

Tomorrow night is a movie night with friends. I'm joining a few people at The Hunger Games. I've yet to read the books (I plan to, anno_superstar, fret not), but I want the experience of seeing this with a hyped-up opening weekend audience. I'll go in without much context, beyond what I've picked up from ads and coverage, but I'm all for well-shot dystopia.

...any flair here? You decide!

* I know, I know, my fellow Brit-phile friends, the Brits call them "series" when we Americans call them "seasons." I'm messing with you.

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