Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Short and to the point (I'm not up right now for "sweet") on a Doctor Who-related thing

Time for some geek blasphemy:

About a third of the way into Torchwood Series 2, I'm still not convinced that John Barrowman is a leading man.

He's supposed to be over-the-top as Capt. Jack Harkness, I know, and he can be over-the-top in sometimes subtle ways, I've seen that, but I still don't sense that that's modulated enough for it to be a well-rounded enough performance. It's a taste I maybe don't "get" when I see him in concentrated doses, as opposed to his supporting work on Doctor Who, which I think works better. And maybe my feelings will be different once I watch the rest of this season, and later when I watch Torchwood: Children of Earth. (No spoilers!)

There's plenty of other stuff making it rewarding for me to watch Torchwood, though (science fiction, time travel, the emotions of the episodes, and *cough* Eve Myles *cough*), so I'll keep going.

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