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Bath achievement UNLOCKED

Small apartment living, I mean at least in my small apartment, does not allow for baths. Thank goodness my parents' house does.

I went to their place for several hours today, enough time to do three loads of laundry and also make my first use of their new bath. It's a dual-control: one on the wall for the shower, one on the side of the tub for drawing a bath. Two handles, so it allows for easily going straight to the hot water, and yep, I wanted a hot bath. I lounged while listening to the most recent episode of The Cort and Fatboy Show. I didn't post to Twitter from there ("HOT BATH I AM IN YOU") because I don't have mobile tech and, y'know, electronic devices in a tub is a bad idea. Though I'm sure someone's done that. I don't even want to bring a book into the bath, because of the chance of dropping it. Now if I ever have a place with a bath again, I'd want the bathroom to be big enough to have a little table or shelf next to the bath so I could have a book if I wanted it.

The bath was a good idea. The past two weeks, the job's been a soreness-causer. Especially with working six days the week before last (yay overtime pay!), then a regular five-day week this past week on a job that's still a week-and-a-half from being done. This is when I'm glad to be OK at self-massage, but the bath was an extra layer of recovering.

I am grateful for the chance for baths. Yes, really.

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