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Skeptical enough? Too skeptical?

Too guarded? Not guarded enough?

Too insecure? And no, that does not get paired with "Insecure enough?"

Here's a moment of "welcome to my brain" (to quote the amazing S.J. Tucker): I have a recently-acquired debit card, because back in January I applied for unemployment benefits and any benefits would get loaded onto this card instead of (first pay period aside) be issued as a check. I have the debit card. I've lost the PIN for it -- and I'm not totally sure I set up a PIN for it in the first place.

Best bet is to call the debit card issuer and get the PIN changed. But I get hung up: this account's so new, does the issuer or the bank (not my usual bank or my usual credit union) have enough info on me to verify? And isn't it just like someone trying to commit fraud with a debit card to call and say "I lost my PIN, I need to change it"?

Guess where I worked for a year? In a fraud detection/prevention department. It's completely likely that on that job, on the phone, I talked to crooks. Who sound like a lot of non-crooks sound.

Also, since then, I've had a case of identity theft. A minor one that my bank nipped in the bud, thank goodness -- it alerted me Super Bowl Sunday 2007 that my then-current debit card (or, at least, the number) was being used almost simultaneously in Houston and Tokyo -- but it was still fraud. Which I'm almost pathological about avoiding now, avoiding even the appearance of fraud. (Or of lying, but that has its own reasons and its own baggage.)

All this for not that much money. At least not much money now, as the card has gotten loaded only once so far. (Since I've been working, I'm making more than I'd make from the benefit, so: no benefit.) But if I don't use the money, fees for non-use start to chip away at what's there. Plus, to quote Danny DeVito speaking David Mamet, "Everybody needs money! That's why they call it money!"

Yeah, I'll get over myself tomorrow, call the debit card people, and try to sound more like a herp-durp doof than a criminal.

A few slices of my mind and odd mood are contained in the preceding blog entry. I hope you handled it.


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