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Positive progress, in small ways...

That included me managing to un-scare myself. Did my taxes a couple of nights ago, and unknowingly made a mistake on my state taxes that made it look like I owed. Based on my experience, that wouldn't have made sense, but it was late and I was tired: I told myaelf I need to look at this fresh. I did today, and found my mistakes. The state owes me, like how the federal government owes me. I owed last year, due to the extra income I got from winning the trip to San Diego Comic Con, but generally I get refunds. Progress...

Also progress in cleaning. I'd been filling up a couple of bags of sweaters, books, toys, and miscellaneous stuffs that all went under the heading "I don't need that no more." As I had a day off today, I got those bags out the door and over to Cat Adoption Team's Raleigh Hills thrift store, which I hope finds use for them. Since I had the means and desire to drive today, I did so. (You remember Cat Adoption Team. They did the "U.S.S. Enterprise cats" video. You're welcome for that clip.)

Progress towards warmer weather, too, which I really really want to get to. It got colder again around here this week. I plan to truly enjoy heat when we have it again.

So. I got more unneeded stuff out of my place, did the paperwork to get more money (my money, of course) back to me, I did some driving and tried to get better at that -- always working on that -- and once I was back from Cat Adoption Team, I started a new bag of "stuff I don't need no more" with one item I'd decided to donate but had forgotten to take today. So




How true is that for y'all?

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