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How to entertain myself

Last night I let myself have time to hang out in a coffee shop. I don't do that enough, but it was a good night for coffee, with Boogie Nights at 11:00 on my schedule. So I drove to a cafe between my place and the Bagdad where Boogie Nights was getting shown later, sipped, ate biscotti and read. (A little over 100 pages from the end of Moby-Dick!) Also could look out the windows of Ford Food + Drink (SE 11th and Division) and watch big rain and thunder clouds to the east, lit up by late-evening sun.

I had nothing stronger than caffeine last night, as I was driving to and from the film, plus Boogie Nights turns into a movie that's, um, not good for drinking, because when it get to the Eighties in its story, it gets sad and scary. Confession, in fact: later, I decided I wasn't up for that section of the film, and I left during the Happy New Year 1980 scene. I didn't even wait for William H. Macy's character to shoot himself. (Means, though, that I missed Mark Wahlberg singing "The Touch.")

A highlight of Bobby Roberts's clip reel before the film, for me, was actor/comedian/funny Twitter person Jen Kirkman doing a Drunk History talk on the relationship between President Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Bobby chose that because it's funny and because Don Cheadle is in it:

(Here's the direct link, if that embed doesn't work. I can't tell yet on my computer.)

I like that Kirkman genuinely knows the history but is telling it through a thick layer of alcohol.

(Bobby also showed the original video for "The Touch," Saturday Night Live's "Celebrity Jeopardy" with Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds, and SNL's "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals.")

The film's turnout was, at best, OK: far from a sellout, I think close to what Dirty Dancing (which deserved a better turnout!) got, though The Big Lebowski next month will make up for that. Still there were plenty of people I like who were in the Bagdad. Also? If Bobbie Winchell ever writes a novel or a memoir, I'm reading that like whoa. Course, it's easy for me to tell people "You should write more!" *I* SHOULD WRITE MORE. I DON'T WRITE ENOUGH. *angsts*


How will I entertain myself later today? For the second time in my life, I'm going to watch poker. It's a game being put on by the guys at the Geek in the City podcast. I won't be playing. I'm not a good gambler and don't feel like becoming a good one. But this gang playing: that'll be fun.
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