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Good Deeds and Satisfying Deeds

Doing good can feel good. Positive reinforcement!

For years I've had used camera equipment, mainly from my Grandpa Irv, that I didn't need anymore. And now I don't have it anymore; here's to more cleared space in my place. I emailed a photo equipment supply place, Pro Photo Supply, to ask Would you buy this stuff? And if not, who would you suggest I sell or donate to? A person from the store's Used Department was kind enough to reply We don't buy that kind of equipment, but here are places that you could sell or donate to. The donate-to place they recommended was Focus on Youth, which gives young people a chance they likely wouldn't otherwise have to use cameras and get creative with them. A few back-and-forths on email with the person who runs it later, and I knew what to do, and today after noon I drove to a drop-off place.

And with that good deed done, I did the satisfying deed of then driving to the Mississippi St. neighborhood and Bridge City Comics, where I splurged on two copies of Caitlin R. Kiernan's new comic Alabaster: Wolves and the Kate Beaton hardcover Hark! A Vagrant, her nicely skewed take on all sorts of history. (It's like her comic strips in convenient printed form! That's because IT IS.) Both works by artists I want to support, so that makes it a good deed, too. It definitely was satisfying.

So was having late lunch at Javier's, a Mexican place that's both A) good and B) open 24 hours. I've said it before: Portland should be able to support more 24-hour places. And one of these days I'll patronize Javier's late one night, maybe when I can be a night owl again. I was once, before. But, in the meantime, I can support it in daytime.

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