Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Still doing stuff. Means I can write about it.

I had last week off from the current job, as the bindery/pressroom was really slow. I've taken the time to do errands (like donating the old photo equipment Wednesday); Friday morning I walked over to Grout Elementary School, on the other side of the Brooklyn Rail Yard from my place, and dropped off my most recent batch of "Labels for Education." I can't use them, but they can, and I've been in the habit of saving those labels for years. (Did I do that when I covered schools as a writer-reporter in Hermiston? I hope I did.) It helped that Friday was a good day for walking, with it being sunny (patchy clouds) and warm. FINALLY.

So, that was a good deed. So was helping a dog get home! Thankfully, the dog was close to home, and had a collar and a tag with his owner's phone number; also, thankfully, my apartment phone -- not a cell -- could get a signal from right outside my building. Just barely outside, but where I could watch the dog. He'd gotten out of an apartment from the building next door; his owner was able to drive back once she knew, so I spent about 20 minutes dog-sitting. After retrieving the dog from his few attempts to chase down a squirrel, I finally hit on the great-good idea of waiting with him in the small fenced-off area in front of my building. He was calmer there. Then he was excited when his owner showed up. Everyone won and he got home. So that was another good deed. I seem capable of them.

Social times have happened, too. Friday night I saw Cabin in the Woods with my Texas-transplant friend Heather, who I met through the Quizzy Trivia event that used to be at the SE Jolly Roger. We ate and visited after the film at a wings place near her house; one of her roommates joined us for food and drinks, too. And yesterday my social times were a couple of hours with Mat, the co-host of the podcast Sequelcast. Movie thoughts and critic-y thoughts flowed over coffee; it was a low-impact midday, as he was still a little tired from attending the Friday Bridgetown Comedy Festival events (and from wrangling pets who wanted him to wake up earleir than he wanted). I didn't stay out for the Timbers game, though, because I could watch from home and I wanted to write, and my watching the game alone was probably good, as watching it with a crowd would likely have involved lots of pained yelling. (3-1 loss! Argh!) I mean, more pained yelling than I did by myself.

Today I should be helping someone move stuff. Upper body strength, don't fail me now...

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