Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I have no Photoshop skills.

But in an effort to give some advance notice of where I'll be two weeks/three Fridays from now, I've taken the 2010 poster for the Cort and Fatboy Show late night screening of The Big Lebowski and done my, um, magic:

Bobby Roberts's art for the 2010 screening of 'The Big Lebowski,' updated! (Badly. By me.)
Bobby Roberts's art for the 2010 screening of 'The Big Lebowski,' updated! (Badly. By me.)

There! It's still fun art by Bobby Roberts, it gives the correct date for this year's screening of the film -- the seventh in a row Cort and Bobby have hosted -- and it has John Goodman as a floating star-head! (Really. Take a look. I don't think I noticed him before. Glad he didn't take advantage and shoot me.)

Cort and Bobby have more information at their site, including info on how to get in early via $10 VIP tickets and what you get (food-wise, drink-wise, and music-wise) if you do get those VIP ickets. McMenamin's also has a page of info.

I didn't go last year. I'm in the mood for Lebowski again. And for the fantastic crowd Cort and Bobby get at these showings.
Tags: midnight movies, portland

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