Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

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A fictional exchange

Her: Are you gay?

Him [eyes widen]: My God! I've been getting the wrong porn all these years!

(Inspired by how a few people in the past have mistakenly thought I was gay.)

(Also, I decided it's funnier if you imagine his line being said in the voice of Quagmire from Family Guy.)

4/23/2012 Addition: Goddammit, there are no new ideas or something. Or maybe I'd seen the bit from a Family Guy episode where the guys Peter, Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe are talking about which women they'd like to sleep with, and Quagmire names Taylor Hanson. The guys point out who he is, and Quagmire, well, Quagmire starts sputtering. " God! I've...I've got all these magazines!!..."

Yeah, I probably saw that scene before. *shrugs, amusedly*

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