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"Time to stay pale!"

That's what I said to myself as I put on sunscreen for, I think, the first time in 2012 for a long walk in that NO-CLOUD WEATHER WE'RE GETTING WOO HOO. (Yeah; I'm excited about the change in the weather.) I wanted and likely needed to get out in this, but being mainly Swedish, Irish and Scottish in my background, my options are either "pale" or "burnt." And I'd rather be pale.

My path was: down from my apartment to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, up through the Springwater Corridor (no, apocalypsos, not the stretch where Leverage shot the stunt of Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf running on top of that train -- I was north of that) past the Ross Island Bridge, up to the new viaduct carrying SE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. and Grand Avenue over the rail tracks -- on sidewalks that didn't exist a year ago -- then over to the Ford Building*'s neighborhood before heading south to my place again. And, again, there were NO CLOUDS BETWEEN ME AND THE SUN WOO HOO.

Can you tell I'm pleased?

I did make sure in higher-traffic areas to not keep my nose buried in the book Pack of Lies by Laura Anne Gilman (suricattus); I stayed aware of how close all of us people were, instead of walking into any of them. About half, no, I exaggerate, about 37.146% of Portland was walking, jogging, or biking the same path. No crashes happened where or when I was, I'm happy to report.

I'm also amused that on one of the quieter, more secluded parts of my walk, in Oaks Bottom, I saw two ducks getting it on. (Notice I'm avoiding the obvious rhyme I could use. You're welcome, I think.) Those ducks, paddling in a puddle, used the water from our recent rains for good.

I was ready for it to be warm and sunny again, and I'm grateful it happened.

* Indeed, it's called the Ford Building because it was a Model T factory starting nearly a hundred years ago. It's been repurposed nicely.
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