Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

At least one more post tonight!

More Vitamin D absorption achieved.

I spent less time outside today than yesterday, but in a way that was good: yesterday I left fully lotioned with sunscreen and wasn't getting the Vitamin D that the sun's throwing at us. Today, with less exposure and no sunscreen, I got slightly pinked and nowhere near burned. Felt sweat doing its thing, too, which is another good sign!

So far I've had one of two social times today. My family's dinner went nicely, on the surprisingly large top floor of the NE Broadway Nicholas's. "Damn, you were packing it away!" my dad said my mom. (Dad rarely goes to Nicholas's with the rest of the family. He hasn't seen how we get with the food there.) I ate well from a sampling of most everything we ordered, and have almost an entire round sheet of pita bread that I scavenged. (My cousin Neil, visiting from Washington, D.C. with his girlfriend Jess, made like he was eating it no-handed before I grabbed it, but it was all mimed.) Next is more social times at Beulahland, which I've been hoping to get to this weekend...and now I shall.

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