Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"6:58: are you sure where my spark is?"

Kind of in a Tori Amos-quoting mood. Also in a sip-heated-up-apple-juice mood, so it's good I have apple juice and a microwave so I could indeed do that. *sips again*

The week is quiet here, to badly paraphrase Lemony Snicket. Slowly cleaning, as usual; I can always have Less Stuff. My to-be-donated bag now includes a tray (almost ashtray-like, but it wasn't that) which I made back in junior high shop class, because I have no use for it but maybe someone else will. Also, I had almost my entire desk cleared off for the first time in years; I cleaned it really well because a bad smell was coming from it. I then realized that the bad smell was from a few feet over, thanks to the trash can. OK, doing [REDACTED] with the trash can didn't work, so I'm not doing [REDACTED] again.

What I did as well, yesterday (Tuesday), was train for something that I hadn't done before. I mostly got it. Not saying what the training was about because why not have a surprise? A few of you know. More of you will know after Sunday. I'll say what it is then even if it turns out I actually suck at it.

Also some fun and games have happened: Geek Trivia last night (a pretty difficult two rounds), though two friends of mine I'd hoped to get to the event were sick and couldn't come. But they'll have fun once they're not sick. And tonight I went to the gaming night at the Beulahland bar, and had my first times playing Dixit (cute), Nefarious (a be-an-evil-scientist game! And one I didn't quite get), and Taboo (I was too slow at it; I'll have to speed up).

About Dixit: each player has six cards with odd, VERY random and cartoonish paintings pictured on them: things like raindrops with landscapes inside them or two snails facing off in a gladiator arena. At your turn, you put a card face-down and you give a description: a quick story, a phrase, a term or even just a single word. Each other player chooses from their cards one that should also (at least sort of) fit what you said; the person who's up shuffles those cards and sets them face-up randomly; and they all then guess which card you'd chosen. My first turn, I chose the card then used the phrase "You're doing it wrong!" I quickly realized that that could apply to quite a lot of these cards. (Another card I played, I said "To quote Yogi Berra, 'You've got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, 'cause you might not get there.'")

Looking forward to (eventual) additional warmth. I want a warm spring and a hot summer. Cold is getting old. Even in Portland, where compared to a lot of other places it hasn't been THAT cold.

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