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Today is Free Comic Book Day. Today is also Free-Book-Found-On-A-Newspaper-Box day. For me, at least. After I'd gone to the Hollywood Things From Another World and was walking, copy of Sue Grafton's 'M' Is For Malice in my hand, I saw a paperback sitting on a box. It was a thriller, Justice For Some, by Kate Wilhelm, a Northwest author who I've mainly heard about as a science fiction author. I'm going to read this, because "free" is a good price. And then the book can be another thrift-store donation.

Today is also-also Free-Stuff-Thanks-To-A-Gift-Card day. All the way back in 2009, when I was surviving, I mean temping at a dog show company's office, my temp agency sent me a pamphlet. $25 towards a gift card for...something. I'd choose. I kept not getting around to it, keeping the pamphlet on my desk and finally this week checking online to see if was still valid. (The rules state that the credit can get reduced if nothing's used after a certain time.) It was, all 25 bucks, so I thought Why not? and redeemed it for a Barnes & Noble gift card. After Hollywood TFAW (I'll get back to the place, story-wise, really), I reached the Lloyd Center Barnes & Noble and...

Oh, one more detour! Between the Kate Wilhelm find and the Barnes & Noble stuff, I also stopped at the Lloyd Center Dollar Tree. A dollar is a good price for a lot of things, if you can find them. Turned out I could use one-dollar mouthwash (I hope it's not just paint thinner), hand soap, spicy mustard, chewy granola bars and soup. I did, however, steer away from the one-dollar car supplies area, because Iiiiiiiiiiii'm not sure I should trust that. But what I got? That might be five bucks well spent.

...where was I? Oh, making finds for free or cheap. In Barnes & Noble I went to the CD/DVD area, and looked through fairly idly. I try to avoid buying DVDs -- most films or TV series I no longer feel the need to keep, so I now try not to buy them in the first place -- and then, because old habits can die hard, I started browsing the relatively small Film Music section of the CD racks. Turned out on hand were reissues of several of the fantastic albums of classic Thirties, Forties, and Fifties film scores lovingly re-recorded by Charles Gerhardt and the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London. I'd started getting the CDs editions of these in 1991, when my friend David Carlton gifted me with the mind-blowing Bernard Herrmann disc, and over the ensuing 21 years I'd found and bought almost every single disc. Still idly, I wondered Will this Barnes & Noble have the Dmitri Tiomkin disc I never found? It did. That's a really hard-to-find one, the CD version issued in the Eighties; I don't think I've ever seen it at all, even in places like Tower Records that had huge film music sections. I know, I prowled those. This reissue has different art and layout, but the same music and the same liner notes as the 1976 album. So my OCD-ish hope to have CDs all from the same run, where each disc has the same color scheme, will take a back seat to actually having the music. Even if this CD comes in reddish and gold while the earlier LPs and CDs were in gray. Thanks, unexpected reissue!

(And with the money still left on the gift card, I got the third trade paperback of the insane web comic Axe Cop, the one that's written and drawn by two brothers, one (Malachai Nicolle) who was age 5 and the other (Ethan Nicolle) who was age 28 when they started. It's...unhinged (heh, heh). Older brother Ethan Nicolle, the artist of the two, also writes and draws the web comic Bearmageddon. The apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to his imagination, either.)

But! The start of all this darting-and-jumping was a trip to Hollywood TFAW. What happened there? GLAD YOU ASKED.

...That's gonna be its own entry. TWO JOURNAL ENTRIES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Which is the same as the price of a thousand, or none, as this blog's free for y'all.

See ya in a bit!
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