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Portland has food carts. Hundreds of them. For the first time, I've worked in one.

Lisa and Brian at Big-Ass Sandwiches asked me if I'd work the front of the cart for Sundays this month, and I've finished my first four-hour shift there. Noon to 4:00 Sunday, so they're now on their summer schedule where they're open seven days a week.

I resisted saying "WELCOME TO GOOD BURGER, HOME OF THE GOOD BURGER, CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?" A) I'd sound obnoxious and B) they don't sell burgers.

We sold a lot of sandwiches in those four hours, and I took all but one of those orders. (I almost never said "big-ass," by the way, though I have no problem saying that; I did often say "Do you want that spicy or not spicy?," because the cart uses a good spice.) Lucked out with customers; almost all of them were happy, and accommodating to my first-day slowness. My last customer service experience was my call center job, sometimes in the Fraud Department which meant I was often dealing with people unhappy that their orders weren't done yet. Not a problem here! I didn't make sandwiches; that's not my skill yet, though the cooks I know at the cart have encouraged me to watch how it's done, so maybe sometime, if this keep working out...

And speaking of watching? I'd do this just for the people-watching. Primo.

Need a brush-up? Here's the official Big-Ass Sandwiches TV ad (the Safe For Work version):

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