Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Guess I CAN trust that day

More Monday goodness (yes, it happens):

* I worked long and well at the office today. Getting more skills, and to paraphrase Napoleon Dynamite, girls like guys with skills…
* Warmth is making a comeback. So’s light.
* In the Easy-to-Look-At category, I saw a Jena Malone look-alike on the bus to work. I quote William Goldman: “Girl-watching is a great sport and I am a world-class girl-watcher.”

As for goodness that happened before today: I had a movie marathon over the weekend at my parents’ place. On Sunday I visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville and marveled-slash-boggled at the Hercules Flying Boat, a.k.a. the Spruce Goose. (You can even walk inside the plane now!) I had some nice conversing over the phone, I rested and relaxed, and I did my best to make myself happy. Things are good.
Tags: work

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