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Cherry Tomatoes

Sometimes I forget about tomatoes. I don't usually buy them, especially not the big ones, because I don't use them fast enough and when I do use them I can too easily make a mess with them. In home, most of my tomato consumption comes from pasta sauce. Not quite the same thing (as much as I love pasta).

But oh I do like a good tomato. And I still remember David Letterman complaining on his show, circa late 1980s (when he was still on NBC) that he could not abide "Bad, tomatoes." (Emphasis his.) "They're green and they're impossible to eat." And he didn't mean fried green tomatoes, either.

This entry is brought to you by the package of cherry tomatoes I got on my most recent grocery trip. I went into produce at the QFC (because I didn't need much and that's the closest supermarket to my place; a little pricier than I like, but again, convenience won out) and thought How do the tomatoes look? I found cherry tomatoes, with the somewhat cutesy name "Cherubs." I almost didn't buy them because of that name, but I didn't like how the actually-called-cherry-tomatoes looked and I didn't want to buy bigger tomatoes.

(And an aside: who came up with the name Beefsteak Tomatoes? I've eaten lots of beef, I've eaten lots of steak, and nothing about even a really good tomato reminds me of either! Other than that they usually look big and impressive, but often in my experience the bigger tomatoes are less likely to be good. Beefsteak tomatoes, why?)

Good choice, those little tomatoes. They're bite-size, literally: little crisp bursts of tasty juice and seeds. I've been eating them like hand snacks. I also made a salad, because that was quick and easy to make this morning. No muss, no fuss: they only make a mess in my stomach, and my stomach's designed to handle that. The salad also inspired me to look up cherry tomatoes on Wikipedia, which has the breaking news

US president Richard Nixon dined on a cherry tomato salad in 1971[8].

(Yes, eventually the Web will preserve everything.)

Now I want to title this entry "Cheery Tomatoes."

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