Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Vote for Not-That-One... a frustrating tactic.

Without naming names (and no, don't ask who), I wish that in the Portland mayoral election I could vote for who I think shouldn't be mayor. But on top of that, I'm not yet convinced that the other candidates would be my choice for who I think should.

This is the primary, which in this case will either declare a mayor (if one candidate gets 50% +1 of the vote) or give us two candidates who'll run against each other in November. I can't decide yet. As I have to drop off the ballot tomorrow, I am seriously thinking of punting and having the mayoral vote be the one thing I don't vote on.

At one level, I'm being a bad citizen by not voting that vote; on another, if I'm not convinced by any candidate yet, I shouldn't vote just to vote. I wouldn't quite be voting blind if I did vote, but I've gotten myself less educated on this race than I should have. I own up to that.

I'll leave my ballot envelope open in case I have a change of heart between now and tomorrow afternoon, when I'd drop off my ballot (probably at one of the official drop-off boxes, downtown) after work. But I'm leaning towards waiting. And accepting who the winner is, or who the winners are. Because I shouldn't complain when I don't vote.

But trust me, I'm voting in November.
Tags: politics

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