Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

How have I never done dirty Mad Libs? And in that spirit...

I wanted to shorten what I was writing so it would fit Twitter's 140-character limit. This can require creative typing, but at least one has shorter options for lots of words. In this case I wanted to shorten neighborhood; I decided 'hood was the wrong shortened version for me to use, but hey, I further decided, there's the also-short version nabe.

"Nabe" looked wrong.

In face, it looked like the name of some sexual organ, in the middle of me writing about a building in my neighborhood. The word stuck out, looked out of place, looked like it needed to expand into the bigger word "neighborhood" but the 140-character limit, well, limited it. I went with "nabe," but self-consciously. The word, it's not nasty. Or brutish. Just short.

Words just sometimes don't look right, am I right? I look at enough of them to know.
Tags: language

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