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...Hmm. A one-word blog entry ain't very illuminating. *grins* It could be about driving to the Coast, or around the bend, or someone crazy, and NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. Elaborate I shall. Blogs are good for that.

I drove today, because I could and it turned out I wanted to, in a "why not? Let's see some different scenery" way. I drove first for late breakfast (at Beulahland, where I watched part of the Chelsea-Bayern UEFA Championship soccer match), then errands: Music Millennium to sell some CDs, a library to return books, then the Hollywood Things From Another World to see part of the Second Annual Geek Olympathon. Then I had my "why not?" moment, which I only occasionally have, and just went sight-seeing by car. I went up NE 33rd to Marine Drive, around Portland International Airport -- a stretch I drove carefully, since Marine Drive can be treacherous (not much to keep you from driving off the road, across a field with a bike/pedestrian path, and into the freaking Columbia River. Thus I indulged my fondness for getting near airports.

I also drove through some industrial areas east of the airport, where I've occasionally worked: a three-week assignment in January 2001 in a Scholastic Books warehouse that used to be there (my first exposure to Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket) and several weeks in 2004 at Harry's Fresh Foods, a just-stick-this-refrigerated-food-packet-in-the-microwave processing plant. Not a good fit for me, industrialized food, plus that was maybe the longest commute I've had. Bad idea for a low-paying temp job. (Plus I didn't even get samples. It's decent food, for microwavable.)

After that, it was back to the freeway then to Powell Blvd., stopping at the Original Hot Cake and Steak House to have a milkshake and nicely greasy hash browns. I saw good driving and bad driving, while doing my best to keep driving well...and also had the thought I should thank truck drivers, because I admire the job they do, a job I (and a lot of us) can't do. So: Thank you, truckers.

I didn't notice any dimming of the sky (any more than usual for evening) while driving, though tonight was an annular solar eclipse that could have been visible from northwest Oregon.

Now I feel I should've walked more today. But I can always walk more.

  • A little truth, at the moment:

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