Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Still greater respect for food service

That was my first really tiring day of food cart work. It was busy today at Big-Ass Sandwiches, actually busier than the cooks and I expected. I won't give specifics; that's the business of Brian and Lisa, since it's their business; all I'll say is we fed lots of people and got more people taking pictures of the cart than I thought we'd get. (And an almost-customer who was first fussy about one part of her order, then honestly put out and annoyed that every sandwich comes with fries. Didn't get an order from her. Sorry to her; that sandwich she almost ordered got made for someone who wanted it!)

I already had loads of respect for Lisa and Brian for the amount of work it takes to make this cart run. I'm adding to that respect, now that I have a little experience (three mere days' worth so far) of how much energy each shift takes. And I was just there for a little over four hours; this doesn't match how much they must think about the place, about stocking it, about solving the problems that come up during the day, about coordinating shifts. I'm now pretty sure I'm not going to run any businesses; I like supporting them.

And it is damn satisfying seeing how much people love these sandwiches.

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