Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Burner, baby, burner

I had four usable burners on my stove-top. Then three. Then two. Then, briefly, one. Now four.

A while ago, one of the knobs controlling the right front burner broke. Crunch, in my hand, as I tried turning it on, which involves pushing it in. The knob had broken a bit before, losing a loose handle, but I'd found I could still push in the knob and use it. Not then, though.

It always could've been worse: they could have broken in the 'ON' position. I don't need constant burning in my place. I never even use candles.

So. Three. Then another knob, for the left front burner, became hard to turn, and I figured out why: part of the casket holding the knob on the little wand that turns to activate the burner was tearing. Again, my fear of something turning On, Always On (Fffsssssssssssssss, it would keep going, its blue flame also saying Bring it, jackass, I'll burn you and also waste money and possibly burn your building down) made me stop using it. It also was enough for me to leave a message for my landlord: I can has fix nao? Oh and also, another knob (for the left front burner) had its handle going loose, too, could we also do something for that? Glue the handle on, maybe?

He showed up Saturday while I was out and took, as a reference, the left front burner's knob. That meant the only useable burner on my stove top was the right rear. Same as Sunday and this morning.

Today, the replacement knobs arrived! Plus a replacement knob for the oven below those burners. However, the replacement knob doesn't fit on the oven's control wand, so I've put the old control knob back on it. Not the near-perfect symmetry of all-new knobs, but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

And I especially don't want the OVEN to be stuck on.

Though not even the old control is, um, actually turning the oven on. It's been so long since I've used this oven, I wonder if something's wrong with it. Of course, I could continue just not using it. The stove top is enough for my cooking needs. Even when I just had three burners. Two was stretching it, and one...honestly, I really didn't want to cook for myself the past two days when I was down to one. Besides, what if that one broke? I didn't push my luck.

And now I don't have to. Glorious all-burner cooking is again possible.

(I've written a lot lately about food. Why didn't I try applying for the Portland Mercury's food critic job?)

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