Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

First there was an assignment, then there wasn't an assignment, then there was

Life almost made me a liar. I hate when that happens.

I'd been assigned to work shifts Tuesday night through Friday night at the current job, that temp job I've worked at on and off since January. I knew I could do it, I'd done it Tuesday and was rested up yesterday, I was planning to do it...until a person with my temp agency called and said no, the place didn't need me Wednesday night.

I worried about, among other things, having to give an update to the entry I wrote mere hours before the agency called. Yes, I worry that much about seeming to lie, let alone lying. I eventually went Oh, well and started figuring out other things to do with my day. I went out and did those...and got home at 4:00 to an hour-old phone message from the agency saying No, they can use you! You still available? An hour after second shift had started, and with having things to do (like, y'know, eat), I'd need an hour to get out of the apartment and out to the job site. I finally decided that a full shift minus two hours was better than a full shift minus a full shift, and the pressroom still needed a person, so I got in. Late (at 5:00, as predicted), but I was able to be useful once I was there. I had the post-work soreness to prove it.

Life of a temp. Glamorous, y'all. It's pay, remember, Chris, it's pay...
Tags: work

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