Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Twenty bucks I wouldn't have had

Success! At selling and otherwise getting rid of the CDs I decided (after months of weeding) I didn't need anymore.

Stupidly, I got a little discouraged because of the first place I sold, Music Millennium. I sold some of the total, but almost none of the film scores (more than half of the stash); the buyer there said he has trouble moving soundtracks out of the store. I almost didn't go to my next planned place, because at some level I lazily assumed Well if he can't re-sell the soundtracks I wanted to sell to him, what would be my luck at the next place? But today I got past that and tried the next place, the Everyday Music up on NE Sandy. Another good place, for its own reasons. The buyer there was willing to take all of them I had left to sell.

Now the CDs are out of my place and out in the wild. Maybe they'll get bought, maybe they'll be used as decoration or something. (I've put AOL CDs on my wall, shiny-side out. Got to find some use for them.)

My Music Millennium total was $12, which I then plowed into buying one CD. Yes, I (relatively) controlled myself. That one CD was the original recording of Bernard Herrmann's thundering score to Mysterious Island, because Herrman + Ray Harryhausen almost always = YES. (Except for Jason and the Argonauts, which never clicked with me.) Yay for finally getting it! And my Everyday Music haul was $8. Sometimes it's like I forget that I'm allowed to sell stuff, not just donate stuff.

OK. How else to earn at least little bits of money? Oh, yeah, work and such.

Anyway. On to the week, once I've slept more...
Tags: music

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