Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dammit, other Christopher Walshes!

This is me venting.

Christopher Walsh owes people some money. So, apparently, does Christopher Walsh. Which means I've gotten contacted by agencies asking if I'm Christopher [NOT M.] Walsh whose last four digits of his social security number are [NOT MINE] and if I'm also Christopher [ALSO NOT M.] Walsh whose last four digits of his social security number are [ALSO NOT MINE] who lives at [NOT MY PART OF PORTLAND].

During this time I'm stressing about money, being told I owe stuff because of other people named me in fact owing stuff is NOT COOL. I'm annoyed at other Christopher Walshes for owing stuff. I also know who and what I owe, but this hit me in my insecurities: Did I forget something? I'd think. Is this something from years ago? Then I have to think No. I'd remember.

A tactic of the debt-collecting company (companies?) I've been forced to be in touch with bothers me, too. Phone messages from automated voices saying, in effect, If you don't answer, you are saying that you are indeed YOUR NAME HERE and owe this debt. So does that mean my answering machine's been speaking for me? At least I can talk to them directly now and say No, I am not who you think I am and this is not my debt. Now stop bothering me.

I could get exceptionally rude about this if this keeps up. I'm also the opposite of thrilled about being told the last four digits of other people's SSNs and, in one case, SOMEONE'S STREET ADDRESS. Some people Not-Me take notes on this shit. I've worked in Fraud Detection, I've seen the aftereffects of that. People pretending to be who they're not (beyond acting and bedroom-fantasy ways, of course) really, really rub me the wrong way...and people like that could use info like this.

I can't even use this as an excuse to say "Dammit, Hardison!" because I know Hardison's not doing this. Him being a fictional character, after all. I'll leave that to Christian Kane and whoever's writing his lines, like kradical.

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