Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Cruelty of Nose Zits

copperwise once said that humans must still be in Beta Testing, because certain things in our body that should work, um, don't. She used this example: "Eyelashes. They're supposed to keep dirt out of your eyes. What gets in your eyes? Eyelashes!" Maybe evolution will create future humans with much better eye-protecting equipment built in.

Can that evolution also make us stop having nose zits?

The right side of my nose is red-dish, not from the beer I had at dinner last night (Hey O!) but from a pimple. Here's the cruelty of nose zits: they can hurt FROM TWO DIRECTIONS. Blowing my nose takes logistics right now. So does rubbing the outside of it. I just have to wait for the thing to go down and for my nose to look and feel more normal, and not bang it or even brush it, which reminds me that my nose is extra-sensitive now, in more places than one.

At least I don't have anything else in my nose. That's Quaid's problem.

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