Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Which doctors have this skill-set?

An unsettled stomach woke me up early. I'd rather not be awake, but I'm taking it easy and taking comfort in the knowledge that I have today off and can go back to bed once I feel more settled.

Though that's not what got me thinking about doctors. When a friend mentioned that a blood-pressure machine was reading such low pressure that it clearly was a problem with the reader machine, I shared with her that I once had blood pressure low enough that my doctor tried to joke and said "You are alive, right?"

Which reminded me: I remain convinced that doctors should not try to tell jokes.

Another attempt: the doc in 1984 who told me "The good news is you don't have bronchitis. The bad news is you've got pneumonia." That didn't help, doc. (It also didn't help that I had trouble joking as a kid. I was s serious kid. I own that. I own that like whoa.)

I have had a dentist, Dr. Sibley, who had a sense of humor, but he expressed that by not minding if I made references to the song "Dentist" from Little Shop of Horrors during my appointments. He was the same dentist who, when he found just how much my stressed high school-age self was clenching, called in a couple people from elsewhere in the office to feel how well-developed my jaw muscles were.

Anyway. The point is: what's your experience with docs telling jokes? Are there docs who can and should joke?

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