Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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Thank you, My Stomach:

You let me enjoy today, eventually.

You finally were OK with me getting a few miles from my place, wandering downtown for a bit, visiting Lisa and Keegan at Big-Ass (do I even need to say the whole name by now?), getting some fries and a soda-and-bitters that was a nice substitute for ginger ale, watching the Burnside Bridge rise and lower (which I'd never seen from that close before: I'd seen it many times from my former office job and once when driving west on East Burnside when I asked "What's that building up ahead? Oh, it's the bridge"), walking the Eastbank Esplanade with a Stephen King novel in hand, thinking about my grandparents, and enjoying the sunshine and comfort of a spring day that actually feels like spring.

Please keep being settled enough that I continue to enjoy tonight, and tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


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