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Maybe sweating is underrated.

No, that's me talking out my ass, plenty of you know it's good to sweat (it means the body's working properly, for one thing), but I can say it was very satisfying to be out in warmth last night. I didn't even mind the humidity, which of course can't hold a candle to the humidity I lived through on the East Coast, so this level of humidity? No problem. It was nice!

I walked in order to read somewhere other than my apartment, and also in order to take a couple of compost-able cups to a Burgerville north of my place. I want to compost more, what little I have that can be composted; it's been well over a year since my apartment building's had composting. (A couple who used to live here planted a garden in the building's small front yard, and used the compost we had, but the garden got torn out after they moved and eventually the compost bin was removed, too.) Burgerville, however, besides having tasty food (NOT A PAID PLUG; I'd be plugging it more smoothly if it were!), makes a big point of composting what it can. Two cups that can be composted are now in their bins, because I was fine with walking up there.

(And I should try to have less trash in general, whether it can be composted or not, because among other things, walking 30 blocks to get rid of what's compost-able ain't the best return on investment. But again, nice night for a walk.)

I also took a quick trip through Cartopia, the cart pod at SE 12th and Hawthorne, and was happy to see that the po'boy cart there once again has catfish. I must take advantage of this sometime soon. Ah, food from the more humid parts of the country...


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