Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

At least I didn't eat my pillow

To anyone who may ever share a bedroom with me, this has as far as I know happened only once:

Last night I got out of bed. I remember doing so. I also remember doing so because of something in my dream saying I should do so. Dream-Me was telling Awake-Me * that it made sense to get out of bed, walk to my closet, pull out my laundry basket, and set it on the rocking chair near my closet. Supposedly doing so would help someone get from one plane of existence in, um, the world of Pirates of the Caribbean to another plane of existence. Yes, my dreams tied into Pirates of the Caribbean without including Tia Dalma. I call shenanigans.

And I woke up to my laundry basket still sitting on the rocking chair. Proof that I'd done that, not dreamed that.

* I first wrote "Me-Me," but my dream-self is a big part of myself...
Tags: dreams

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