Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Is this a vow I've vowed before? I vow it now.

I want never to be the type of person at a sports event who looks for a camera turned his way and then mugs "WHHHOOOOOOAAAAAWWOOOOOOOO!!!!!" at it.

If I'm yelling, gesturing, back-flipping or doing anything else demonstrative in a sports venue, I want to be doing it because the game's KICKING ASS. Or kicking my ass, because sometimes watching games is painful and you just must accept that as a sports fan. I get annoyed at the type of person who's all "HEY LOOKA MEEEEEEE I CAN LOOK INTO A CAMERA WOOOOO." Go you. Go away, in fact, and let me watch the game.

(Not that I've always been immune to doing that. Embarrassing Past-Me Moment! Back in the first half of the Eighties when I (badly) played soccer, I noticed a TV camera, complete with station logo, on the sideline. Silly me, I thought that somehow our little league soccer game was going to show up on local television, and bounced in front of the camera once and mugged at it. I never thought what was really happening, which was that the opposing team had a player whose parent worked at a local TV station and was borrowing the camera. At least that's my guess. Also, I was like 10 when this happened. KIDS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE IDIOTS. I hope I'm smarter and more observant now!)

Maybe next time I'm at, like, a Timbers match, I'll pretend that looking at a TV camera will make me lose my soul.
Tags: sport!

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