Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I should've seen whales from where I played

Feels like I dreamed a whole season's worth of Survivor drama in last night's dream.

Yes, I was a contestant, on a particular season where all sorts of problems happened: lots of people dropping out of playing the game, said people needing to explain to disappointed fellow contestants (and a disappointed but understanding Jeff Probst) why they were leaving, me not dropping out but having to explain why I was going to stop doing something that had pissed people off, and all of it happening someplace gorgeous and tropical. (Phew: I wasn't dreaming of playing in Survivor's first cold-weather location, which the show still hasn't done.)

Now I feel I really have played the game, and already had it broadcast (the dream also included me talking with other contestants, like John Cochran, who'd pulled in-game maneuvers that had bothered others). And already seen the story of the season published in, of all things, a Bible-like book. Not written by me. Which seems backwards: if I played, I'd want to write about it.

My dreams lately have been pretty vivid and almost surprisingly specific. Not that I'm complaining; I like mine. Always have. And yes, I dream in color. Vivid color. I didn't dream of any hot Survivor contestants, though. Dammit!
Tags: dreams, survivor

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