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"The shop! It needs me! Otherwise I've FAILED."

I have a hangup. OK, several hangups, but here's the one I want to talk about: I hate being the sole customer in a shop when I'm not 100% convinced I'm going to buy anything. Or when I know I'm not, and I'm just window-shopping.

Today this hangup led to me going to near the Portland Timbers store at Jeld-Wen Field, with the idea of browsing for maybe a light raincoat because I've wanted to get something Timbers-related and I can use a light raincoat -- maybe even one with a hood! I've had only hood-less coats for years, which is usually enough (I don't mind getting rained on) -- but then not going in.

Duh, Chris: the store's there for a reason. Your going in would be at least an indirect sign that you support the team and would like to have something with its logo and colors on it. Yes, maybe you won't like what's available, maybe anything you'd like would be out of your price range, but IT'S OKAY TO GO IN AND FIND OUT AND KNOW. Look, say "hi" to the staff, ask questions even. They don't expect every person who comes in to buy something. You don't expect everyone who comes up to the Big-Ass Sandwiches cart to buy something there, either. That's commerce for you.

Yeah. I get it. But I keep worrying I'm going to be judged. That the staffers might feel I'm wasting their time. That my just-wandering-around-and-maybe-buying-maybe-not will annoy them. I mean, c'mon: plenty of customers do MUCH MORE ANNOYING THINGS than just wandering around when they're shopping. Would I insult or berate the employees? No. Would I ask impossible questions? No. Would I make ridiculous demands ("These shirts need to be lo-cal")? No. I also keep worrying that my potential purchase -- my Schrödinger's purchase! -- will be one the store really needs. Never mind the thousands of stores in the world which I'll never patronize simply because I'll never be even near them or they have a completely different clientele than me; am I making them risk going out of business by not going to them? TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Because THEY'RE ALL DEPENDING ON ME. Even the ones that aren't.

Yeah, welcome to my brain. My over-thinking, often ridiculous brain.

So. No shopping today. Other than for food, a Subway egg-and-meat melt before my landscaping job at Lincoln High, a slice of Hot Lips Pizza afterwards. The Hot Lips Pizza across the street from Jeld-Wen Field, by the way, because I was in the mood for a slice and Hot Lips was convenient to the Timbers Store that I hadn't gone into. Which was doing just fine. and would've done just fine without my buying a slice.

Yeah, sometimes my brain's not over-thinking. Thank everything.

And also thank the Net for having the Timbers online store...

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