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Still alive! And not targeted by any Terminators, either.

I'll get smelly today.

I'm doing another few-hour round of landscaping (for pay!) this midday at Lincoln High in downtown. Warmer and brighter day than last Saturday was, so I'll be ready for that.

As for other stuff (since I haven't updated): I've had three days of work at the bindery this past week, plus July 4th spent with family where I ate meaty treats and also filled the back of my car with me-stuff that I need to weed out. Selling and donating books needs to happen soon!

Yesterday was another of the days I wasn't working, so it was errands, reading some of my backlog of local newspapers -- when I pick up the local free weeklies, I dislike not-reading them, even if they've gone unread for weeks -- and visiting with friends. One friend (Heather) seemed to need a mental health break, so we hung out for a few hours. She and I then went to the Bagdad for the Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie screening of The Terminator: my first time seeing it on the big screen in all its '80s-neon glory, her first time in the Bagdad at all.

So. Stuff's been happening. I just haven't updated about it. That happens, too.
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