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Today's day off from work made today a good day to run an errand to a thrift store, to once again donate/get rid of stuff. Cat Adoption Team's Thrift Store is over on the Beaverton side of the area, and I should brave, I mean drive through that area every once in a while. Keep my driving instincts sharp by driving where I'm not used to driving.

(This led to me seeing one car, then another car, weave around stopped traffic on Scholls Ferry Rd. east of Allen Blvd., including going into the oncoming lane for a bit, to get over to a right turn lane. Surprised, I said "Jesus!" Then I said "No, Christ would drive better than that.")

After getting to CAT Thrift Store, a place I like donating to because it's a good cause run by good people, I wanted to take advantage of being on the west side. I drove around and found Adapt, the training place where Dad goes for exercise; Adapt was founded on the idea that physical therapy techniques can be modified to help people who don't have massive physical trauma -- which is most of us, thank everything -- but could use more fitness. I considered dropping in and saying "Hi, my dad goes here!"

Lunch time meant trying to remember Beaverton-area food options, and hey, Beaverton is one area with a Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Yes, you're jealous. Sights seen on my way over to there included a print shop's sign printed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation font, which did my geek heart good, and a fairly clever bit of advertising: at the former Border's Books and Music across Cedar Hills Blvd. from Five Guys, Powell's Books had hung a building-wide banner pointing people to its Beaverton location a few blocks over.

I indulged food-wise, by my standards, further by getting doughnuts and a soft-serve chocolate dipped cone at the west side Krispy Kreme. I braved the Sunset Highway to get home; early afternoon so I wasn't having to brave too much, though it did slow down near the Vista Ridge Tunnel, as it probably usually does. Again, I'm not too used to the west side of the Portland area. It still doesn't make sense to me. I prefer the grids that east Portland and downtown have.

Yeah, I'm home, another place I'm more comfortable. And where I have more things to do than drive.

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