Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Word tics *

I like repeating words. It's a tic in a lot of my writing and thinking. Today I sent a message to someone who'd said she might need a ride, double-checking if she still needed one because I could drive her, and she said she was better. I replied "Better is good. Even better than better is better. (Um, you know what I mean.)"

Another moment, coincidentally also driving-related: I was on a day trip with a friend. Gorgeous day southeast of Eugene, Oregon, all green trees and blue skies, and the friend said we'd picked a nice day to drive. I said "The day picked a nice day to be a day like this."

Or high school senior year English, and my teacher Mrs. Savage is talking about how easy it is to overdo the language in love poems and love songs, and I start miming that I'm playing a guitar (or maybe a ukelele) and I improvise on the spot "My love, I love to give love, and love you, my love..." Didn't think of any other lines, but that was all I needed, I'd amused her and the class. And I liked the sound of it. Still do, in fact, 20 years on.

There's also a line that still amuses me, from my 1998 review of The Big Lebowski: "The movie doesn’t make sense, but it avoids making sense in a way that makes sense. (Did that make sense?) " You've seen the film, you know what I'm talking about; it's one of the many ways in which that film shouldn't work, but it does.

Now I remember that I wrote a joke short-short story:





Here's to always having fun with words.

* Not word ticks. Wouldn't those be annoying? Picking those annoying RELIEFs and FUDDY-DUDDYs and ORTs off of your skin, off of your dog...

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