Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
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Nice pants. Nice button-down shirt. Belt. Also work boots, because why not and because I've grown to like wearing work boots. That's how I looked today when I went downtown and saw former co-workers.

The construction company where I worked for two years is one of the main corporate sponsors of Yoshida's Sand in the City, which fundraises for Kids on the Block. The event takes over Pioneer Courthouse Square for a weekend each July so teams can build several sand sculptures. I'd known it was happening, and I wanted to see it and see, I hoped, people I'd worked with. I did. I had quick, nice visits with several of them, both in the square and in the lobby of the Fox Tower where they have their offices.

And I was a little frustrated and annoyed that I had trouble remembering many of their names.

Eight months away from seeing them daily and some of that knowledge has fallen out of my head. And it's not like I've replaced that info with much else. I faked it as best I can -- thank goodness I'm good at recognizing people, and in a couple of cases I mentally attached their name to their face after a minute -- but it felt like faking. It added a distance.

I'm already honestly not in the best mood today anyway, so I was likely a little primed to fret over that. I know, I'm being hard on myself, but I want to remember names. To do better than The Entertainer ("I can't remember faces/ I don't remember names/ Oh, but what the hell you know it's just as well/ Because after a while and a thousand miles/ It all becomes the same"). And it did help in the ego-boo category that they were glad to see me. I needed that ego-boo.
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