Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

When in doubt, write about food. (Food. Foooooooooooooooooood. Food.)

I actually could go driving right now just to have Sonic fast food.

And next time I'm in one of the right parts of California, I'll go again to an In-N-Out.

I try not to have food-shame. But I do try to find different places. Less obvious places, if possible and especially when peopel recommend them. I'm so glad my call center co-workers circa 2002 recommended Aroy Thai, a tiny hole-in-the-wall in downtown Portland that has pretty old Thai food. (Apparently it's one of the more authentic Thai places in Portland, and that's saying something good.) That's been one of the good Portland things for me: good Thai food. I don't think I'd had any before here. And now I'm remembering a good Thai meal when I was last in San Francisco, in 2007. By myself, wandering San Francisco's streets (no, I will not shorten the name, I've received that lesson and don't wish to incur the wrath of the ghost of Emperor Norton of San Francisco not "Frisco"...), finding a place, trying it, being glad I did... That's how good memories are made.

Even concerted eating-out won't get me to all the worthwhile food places just in Portland.

So this is me talking myself out of driving and getting fast food.

For today.

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