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(Using my Neil Diamond icon for multiple reasons, but mainly because a couple of people I know are currently at a Neil Diamond concert, and I'm a little jealous.)

I donated blood again successfully -- put it to good use, Red Cross* -- as I'd hoped to, since I couldn't do my usual Saturday morning donation. Still my usual place, though, and fairly easy to get home from it afterward by buses. I considered going out to dinner before getting home, but resisted, and got home to snacks, juice, and the desire to unwind. But not unwind too much.

This is a personally perfect moment to listen to Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman's score to The Last of the Mohicans. I find it both driving and soothing. rafaela reminded me of it yesterday, and tonight I was first pulling out the CD (yes, I still do CDs) of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers when I decided that score might be too emotional for me at the moment. (I'd heard about cancer being a jackass to doctor and astronaut Sally Ride right before I left for the donation appointment. Put me in a less-good mood.) Last was a few jewel cases away and easy to spot and grab.

This score helped me on a road trip once, on the Sunday that followed 9/11 -- yes, heh, an emotionally shaky time. I went to a wedding that Saturday, near the base of Mt. Hood, for my then-housemate Antonio's sister. (That wedding was a saga of all sorts of people barely making it, including people who were on some of the last flights to reach their destinations before planes were grounded, and a couple who drove overnight from Colorado after all flights had been canceled. That it went off at all and was a nice wedding was kind of a miracle. A needed miracle, considering how hard that week was for everybody.) Anyway, Antonio and I needed to get back to Portland fairly early that Sunday, leaving barely after dawn, and we'd taken my car so I was driving, no question, plus he'd have to work earlier than me so he'd want to rest. But not sleep. I needed to be awake, but not too awake. I put on this score. Antonio actually noted that it was not too busy and driving, and not too drone-y; it hit a sweet spot that pleased both of us. And is pleasing me at the moment. Though I had to fast-forward one of the especially minimalist tracks (Track 3, "The Kiss") because the CD had gotten stuck. Oh, it's repeating for a problem reason, not a composing reason. *grins*

I am grateful to be nicely soothed tonight.

* I have yet to sell plasma. I think I'll keep not selling plasma.
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