Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A quiet day in a quiet week

This has been a quiet week. It'll probably stay quiet. Until Faerieworlds, of course, but I'm planning for that. *smiles*

This is what passes for personal news today: I was at the library, to print out something from my email. I needed change, so I changed a dollar bill for four quarters, stuck one quarter in, and called up my one page to print out, costing 10 cents. The vending machine gave me, as change, a quarter and two nickels. So, technically, I paid -10 cents. And felt a little odd about doing that. But also thought Good, four laundry tokens instead of three.

(I've heard terri_osborne refer to quarters as "laundry tokens," and I thought I can do that, too!)

Today was another walking/bussing/reading day, since that's cheap entertainment. Bussed to downtown, walked around a bit, took care of library bidness...

(-- I've heard Jimmy Buffett call business "bidness," and I thought I can do that, too! --)

...and changed my scenery by hopping te #8 bus to Oregon Health Sciences University, and wandered more of the campus than I have in years. I saw parts I haven't been to since I worked on the hill up until 2008. My old office space is being remodeled; in fact, I couldn't get anywhere near it. One cafeteria is now maybe a third of the size it was when I last saw it. I wandered more, inside and out and then inside again, then took the Portland Aerial Tram down to OHSU's South Waterfront building. More walking -- easier now with a new pedestrian bridge that's been years in the planning and making -- got me to a bus, and that bus got me to home.

What can I say? Oh, I've heard several of the characters on Leverage say "Seriously?," because I borrowed the Season 4 DVD set from the library, so I can do that, too!

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