Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Faerieworlds in photos, Part I -- with Sooj

Photos are saved, and now can be seen: I took these during S.J. "s00j" Tucker's set on Friday afternoon, a few hours into Faerieworlds 2012. That's the same stage where, later tonight, Donovan -- the folk singer who first got famous in the Sixties -- will close out this year's event. Should be a wonderful finish. This was a wonderful part, added to by Betsy Tinney, Alec James Adams, and ASL interpreter Autumn O'Leary:

Faerieworlds 01=

Faerieworlds 02

Faerieworlds 03

Faerieworlds 04

Faerieworlds 05

Faerieworlds 06

Faerieworlds 10

Faerieworlds 11

Faerieworlds 12

Blurry, but I like the moment.

Autumn O'Leary (left) gives the ASL version of Sooj's show

Photos begin here (thumbnails) in my Scrapbook, if you'd like to explore them on your own. More photos are on their way to my blog's front page...

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