Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Faerieworlds in photos, Part II -- People-watching, rope-making

More of the crowd in the village, where booths were set up and where I spent much of last Friday. I watched rope-making, and now you can, too:

Faerieworlds 15

Do her stilts end in hooves? If so, that's cool...

Faerieworlds 17

Faerieworlds 18 Riona and Nance

Faerieworlds 19 Riona and Nance 2

Faerieworlds 20 - K Wiley on left

Faerieworlds 21

Faerieworlds 24 - Ropemaking 2

Faerieworlds 25 - Ropemaking 3

Faerieworlds 33 Me!

More Faerieworlds photos start here (thumbnails).

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