Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Faerieworlds in photos, Part III -- Presenting Alanya and Dusti

I'd like to thank Alanya Divine (ayalanya) for letting me visit at her booth, Belethil Jewelry, so I could meet her for the first time ever and so I could see Dusti "elionwyr" Lewars for the first in person. (Not taken: a photo of me and Dusti, so I strictly speaking can't prove we did hug. But I try to be trustworthy...) Both Alayna and Dusti are wearing Alanya's hand-wrapped elf ears.

Faerieworlds 22 - Alanya and Dusti

Faerieworlds 28

Faerieworlds 29

Faerieworlds 32 Alanya

More Faerieworlds photos (three pages' total) start here (thumbnails).

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