Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Technology catches up with us

Scissors. How often do you really think about them? I've had a certain pair of scissors for quite a lot of years, and recently looked at them and decided Yeah: replace those. The old ones cut fine, if a little off -- the blades seem to be slightly bent away from each other -- but I can allow myself to buy new stuff. So yesterday I did. (I bought a new pan, too, to replace one that was probably months past its useful period. I eventually threw out that old one so I'd have a hole in my kitchen utensil supply; motivation for finally getting a new one.)

I need to be better at checking what I'm about to buy, so I read the packaging. The Multi-Purpose Scissors I bought had the notice Handle designed for both right and left handed users. I was skeptical, but hey, I adapted to using scissors with my right hand all the way back in kindergarten circa 1980, so if it didn't work as advertised, it'd still work, right?


In the Eighties and Nineties, as far as I remembered, this just was not so. I was unlikely to find left-handed scissors at school, we didn't have them at home, and occasionally I'd try right-handed scissors in my left hand and the scissors would gum the paper like someone toothless. Those experiments failed quickly, and I got back to using them as designed.

(My experiments never extended to whether it was still dangerous for left-handers to run with scissors, but hey, they didn't cut in my left hand, right? BAD LOGIC IS FUN.)

But some scissor technology has advanced to letting the cutting experience* be the same no matter which hand I use to cut. I tested this. Thank goodness I have a whole bag of paper recycling to choose paper from.

Now I have cutting options. WOO. My left hand must like getting used.

* Note: I have no other "cutting" experience in any way. Breathe easy.

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