Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Fun With Books

OK, this book (and this film) I like a lot. Enough that I bought the book 21 years ago:

2Books 8-20-2012 003

Here's the back cover (along with an advertising slogan that no longer makes much sense to me, but hey, other promotion worked obviously):

3Books 8-20-2012 002

Something about this page (where the T-1000 is shown melting to oblivion) struck me:

1Books 8-20-2012 001

Back in college, I copied that page of photos --

1A - Books 8-20-2012 001

-- and made it into a little board on my dorm room door, showing what I was up to. The upper left (I think that shot looks like me!) was "I'm sleeping"; I think the next shot to the right was "I'm eating." One of the middle ones was "I'm coming apart" (stress). The lower right picture I labelled "I'm really gone."

Added 1/13/2013: Huh: I still have that board. I just found it, five months after I wrote this. Here's how I labelled the six photos, because why not get it exact?:

I'm sleeping&&&&I'm eating&&&
I'm in here, spreading out and getting comfortable&&&&I'm spreading myself thin (I'm studying)&&&&&&&&
I'm coming apart at the seams (finals coming up)&&&&I'm gone&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
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