Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Portrait of the Chris as a high-schooler

Re-posted from a comment I made on this entry, where shadesong laments the initial difficulties in getting her junior-high daughter's homework organized:

"This whole thread is making me flash on how I tracked homework back in high school. All my assignments got written into a little pocket-sized memo book (just prompts and reminders: the more detailed what-to-dos were in each class's particular binder). I COVERED every writeable surface on that memo book's cardboard backing, not stickers (I'm not A) a girl or B) girly!) but quotes from all sorts of movies, TV programs, songs, Monty Python stuff, whatever. So: another reason to look at the homework list! I could get little in-joke chuckles (one of the lines was "They suffer from paranoid schizophrenia!," which is totally out of context from Strange Brew).

I've long been very word-oriented, more than visual-oriented. I can decorate with sentences. I did so there, and that maaaaaaaaaay have helped me focus on keeping good track of all that homework.

I'm not sure how much of a point this had, but I was in the mood to ramble."

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