Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Go For Comfort

Comfort and ease. That's been important today. So any signs of not being comfortable or eased, I was worried about. Like the signs this morning of a possible summer cold, which I hoped it wasn't but which made me take it very easy. The standard defenses: getting cleaner, drinking orange juice and water, taking it easy. Whatever it was, I think and hope I shook it off.

Not exactly comfortable, though, watching the last few episodes of the first season of Justified. The show's often both hilarious and terrifying, or at least disturbing. The season-ending episodes up that quotient. The results are eye-widening, and not in a happy-making way. I have about half an hour to go and then I'll either read more of a Robert Asprin Myth book (MUCH lighter) or watch a bit of another DVD I've borrowed, like Justified, from the library: Concert For George. The George Harrison tribute concert that happened a year after his death.

At least I got myself fed: chicken soup (naturally) this morning, and then the treat of delivery pizza. It was only the second time I've ordered pizza to my Portland apartment; heck, it may have been only the second time I've ordered pizza for delivery in my adult life. (I'm more likely to go out to a restaurant, or pick up something.) Anyway, pizza: comfort eating. Thank goodness I had the stomach for it.

Now to stay eased.

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