Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Behaved. Behaved well I mean.

Oh, yeah, clarify that.

The hotel where I've been working (has Leverage ever had the line "Let's steal a hotel"? But I digress) is an operational one. It looks reasonably busy, so even in the middle of the day we've been running into tenants; and it's a suite hotel built for extended stays. Not that we're going to get to know any of the current tenants; we're rebuilding their beds. In rooms with people's stuff and, sometimes, the people who own said stuff.

So I've really curtailed my habit of looking around and around buildings that are new to me. Look at that! Oh, that's a neat corner of the building! Ah, so that is where they put that. I do that sort of thing, because I'm curious. It's gotten me into almost-trouble before; back in 2004 when I worked in the giant and neatly-remodeled Montgomery Park building in NW Portland, I got questioned by people in one area who were surprised that I, an unauthorized person, was in their area. I hadn't realized I was in an unauthorized area. To paraphrase Gary Larson, I looked more like a nerd than a terrorist, so they just told me not to go where I'd gone anymore. And I didn't.

So this hotel job gets me focused on Getting The Job Done, especially because it's disruptive to take out large bed parts and replace them, no matter what; I'm not there to chit-chat with the tenants, too. Not looking around at their stuff means I'm not making anyone (anyone not paranoid, at least) think Why is that guy looking at my stuff? I did briefly visit with the son of a family who were preparing to leave their room for a day trip, because the son was gregarious and because a hotel employee, with the name tag and standardized shirt and everything, was there with me.

The most I've indulged in my usual habit is, in vacant rooms, letting myself look out the window. So at least I'm getting new-to-me views that way, a way that won't disturb anybody.

I know me. I'd better; I've had 38 years to get used to me.
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