Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In which the Mallrats line "This is not the food court" becomes damn near existential

Observed while in the wild environs of Beaverton, specifically Washington Square Mall:

1) Sadly, what I think was the sole remaining non-airport location of Good Dog/Bad Dog, a place for sausages I liked to go to years ago when they had a downtown Portland location, is no longer there. And if I remember correctly, the one in the airport is near the gates and thus on the other side of security. NOTE TO SELF: find a reason/the means to fly somewhere!

2) On the plus side, the Washington Square food court does now have a Sonic, but one you don't drive up to seems somehow slightly wrong. (I am not going to try to drive up THERE. No Blues Brothers shenanigans for me!)

3) The sign next to the escalator up to said food court doesn't call it a food court. It's called "Summit Food Collection."




JUST CALL IT A FOOD COURT. YOU'RE A MALL, YOU'RE NOT AN WEATHER-EVADING INTERIOR SHOP-A-PALOOZA EMPORIUM. Seriously, malls trying to be fancy are almost always going to be somehow embarrassing.
Tags: peregrinations

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