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Another accident-free trip!

It's good my last entry made me hyper-aware of car stuff (oh yeah, I'm back from errands), 'cause when I went out to my car I noticed a tire was low on air. Ah, blow-outs could contribute to crashes and smashes, yes? So I first stopped at the nearest gas station and got that tire properly inflated, plus a little air for the other tires, which were in much better shape, and THEN I ran errands:
* I recharged my phone card at Wal-Mart, the one thing I regularly buy there.
* I got my groceries and my TriMet pass for next month.
* I drove past Reed College and enjoyed the sight of college hotties.
* And, yes, I got Krispy Kremes. Yes, I have a sweet tooth.
I hit the wall, figuratively speaking, while at the Woodstock Safeway; my day caught up with me. I hope no one thought I was drugged (I wasn't!); I thanked them for patience as I did things a little more slowly.

Goal: No more exertion tonight, beyond doing laundry...
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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